Unique Christmas Wreaths Made Out Of Black Cardstock

Christmas is almost here and we are ready to welcome the winter wonderland inside our house. But, even if you do not know, winter is the best holiday where children and their grandparents spend all their time. Christmas is one of the best periods when everybody wants to make something new and innovative and makes sure everything is in order. So the guys from Areaware had this brilliant idea of creating a Christmas wreath in black cardstock and using the same colour for the berries and snowflakes. This wreath looks very special and interesting, too.

This beautiful holiday motif is very close to my idea of a Christmas wreath. The materials used are extremely high quality black 70& Wide powder coated and you can use them to make a glittering wreath like the one in Areaware. You do not have to make the wreath and you only need to attach the black cardstock, the glue and the string to order. I find this design very interesting and appealing.

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