Subteranian Homes In Melbourne

Australian studio Baenziger Coles have created another sub-dodit volume for modern home owners in Subteriors.The project was completed in 2012 and represents a spacious and sophisticated modern renovation and extension of an existing terrace house situated in Melbourne’s inner west.The vast modern terrace could not be more charming as it overlooks the botanical gardens on the upper sides of the heritage listed building.The extension was requested to highlight another aspect of the terrace as well: the connection thightness between the inside and exterior. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls have been installed thus ensuring a smooth and seamless transition from inside to out.

Inside, the new extension saves a lot of space due to not being enclosed by walls or loosing ceilings. Indeed, it seems as though the extension was an addition to the original house. The rear of the house is now adjacent to the old house whereas the whole are connected to the main building. To be more exact, a double-height volume connects the old and the new houses at the rear. This broad distinction serves two purposes.

The clients wanted a total get away and a total relaxation. This is partially thanks to the gardens surrounding the new extension. To these fresh new living areas permeate the whole new addition, blending seamlessly into the classical house design. The gardens not only offer some great views of the city but also offer plenty of natural daylight. The garden becomes a part of the primary structure and also creates an ambient for the outdoor lounge.

The ground floor of the extension has to be isolated from the garden to maximize privacy. This is done by adjusting the design to a double-height environment with glass walls. The wooden floors and ceilings create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The dining area is simply amazing. It has a simple white table and six matching chairs. The lightness of the space is emphasized by the use of two minimalist lamps hanging above the table. Metal bars hold the chairs, one for each area. The sofa is next to the glass wall and the area is flooded with natural light coming through the windows. The wooden floors create also a very cozy feel.

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