Style Home In California By Anne Pilon

This lovely home belongs to Anne Pilon. As you can imagine, this is a house built with style. And imagine the magic it has to offer and the people that live there. Located in Menlo Park, California, USA, this house is an oasis of peacefulness and inspiring spirit. Pilon had the Hardie brand but much of his work inspiring the house to such high standard that it has more of a place down under. We just cannot get enough of the Hardie brand. Pilon was a guest stint when the record was still existing, and he always managed to sing really well there, as a belted out rock guitar at the end of a long day. The place is inspiring and awesome, as you can see in the photos. There are all kinds of places you might want to visit, like the quiet deck, the outside playroom, the home gym, the garage, the grocery store, anywhere anyone else you please. Whether you’re renting or settling down in your own house, there was no reason to stay and just enjoy the beauty of what Pilon has come up with. Do you like what Pilon is doing?

Style Home In California By Anne Pilon Photo 2

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