Narrow Lot House In Brentwood Neighborhood Now For Sale

Located in Brentwood neighborhood, in Los Angeles, this house didn’t always boast a large yard. It was actually a ruin when it was purchased. In 2013 the client decided to make it a little more modern by adding a new and inspiring space. The house was designed by Sprocket Arty.

The residence is a long and narrow volume. This is actually the body of water in the Lake Hollywood neighborhood, in Los Angeles. It’s a 1.5 acre lot that measures 8? x 12?. The house was designed to be energy-efficient and sustainable and it was also designed to take full advantage of its location and beautiful views.

The residence is built with cedar and hardwood floors throughout the house, insulated by rooftop sources. It was designed so that, during the day, it resembles a pure and calm structure, at night it comes out completely revealing its expansive architecture. In addition to the full-height windows, the residence also has a series of rain water collectors and solar hot water collectors that have been installed throughout the property in order to make it as efficient as possible. Moreover, the renovation team worked with the client to create a simple but inviting and pleasant environment.

Narrow Lot House In Brentwood Neighborhood Now For Sale Photo 4

The front facade of the house was completely redesigned. It now has a simpler and more modern look while also preserving the usability of the interior spaces. The house is currently organized around a central staircase. This area is naturally lit and, when seen from the street, it would be difficult to tell it was an open space. Now that it’s a relatively simple structure in terms of design, it’s visually light and airy.

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