Magnetic Soap Holder

We are always searching for new ways of preserving our things and also of using them in our home. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices in order to make them survive. For example we need better insulation for our soap bars or the detergent we use in the bathroom. Sometimes we have to deal with dirty clothes or large stains. The same thing happened to the mason jars. They get deteriorated and they are very rarely used. Not so for those of us who have nothing to store and only use soap jars. They are part of the last pieces we can create. Here’s how you can make a very useful soap holder.

1. Repurpose Mason jars.

Mason jars are very common in any household. They are very common items to have in there. You can turn a jar into a soap dispenser or into a soap storage container. If you can find those you don’t need anymore, you can just repurpose the jars and turn them into planters. This works especially well if you don’t have any Mason jars in your home. Mason jars are great for storing soap and this way they look less ugly and can be easily found and used.{found on rikkisnyder}.

Magnetic Soap Holder Photo 3

2. Repurpose Cane & Barrel.

Magnetic Soap Holder Photo 4

Another very useful item is a glass jar like the one you see in the above pictures. The idea is to clean the barrel and to turn it into a soap dispenser. You will also need a jar cutter, glue, glass spray bottles and a piece of wood for the handle. Apply the glue to the jar and start cutting with a jigsaw and a glass bottle. Then simply put it back together. Pour some gel solution into the jar and put it on the jar. You can paint it if you want.{found on sugarandcloth}.

Magnetic Soap Holder Photo 5

3. Bum globe, a glass container.

One of my favorite things about making soap and shampoo bottles in less than an hour is the fact that you can customize these things in any way you want. For example, you can use the colored soap water and the shampoo or soap oil you use. The soap will smell good and it’s guaranteed to integrate perfectly into your décor.{found on utry}.

4. Simple bottle of detergent.

If you want to create the perfect soap and shampoo DIY, then you’ll need several small bottles and several containers. For example, you can use the jars as containers for the soap and shampoo you want to use and then you can fill these containers with rocks and Lem trains. Don’t forget the soap. You can also create your own customized collection of Lem trains.{found on serendipity}.

5. A coffee mugs.

And if you really want to get that “smooth” coffee inside your jars, then you’ll need a glass jar or a similar container, cream food coloring and a foam rubber brush(s)., then dip the rubber brush into the colored water. stir well, then glass water and pour in the jar. You can even use the idea in a while to make sure the color blends in perfectly.{found on gemmam}.

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