Vintage Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The bedroom is one of those rooms where you feel that it should be separate from the living room or the bedroom. But, even though this seems like a double function, there are also two main types of bedrooms that you can use for special effects.

The vintage bedroom decorating ideas are related to the style you opted for when you’re decorating a vintage home. There are times when the bedroom looks and feels retro but it’s actually this lack of style that influences the look of the space. A vintage home is usually not the most spacious or airy. It compromises the cozyness that you want for a more relaxing bedroom. The furniture needs to be of high quality and it needs to also match the rest of the house. You can create a vintage décor by adding lots of vintage accessories that, once again, recreate the vintage way.

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Another common vintage detail is the candelabra. Cacti and chairs and stumps always have a candle inside them. But a regular bed and a vintage chair will never look better than this. The color combination is simple and yet sophisticated. The stripes can used to beate the candles and the tiny things that you display inside them. The combination of colors is striking and bold without being too strong.{picture found on site}.

When redecorating a bedroom, maybe you can find a theme to work with. A black and white theme can be a good choice. You can also use colors that are also black and white. Sure, a tiny black nook can’t really be problematic either. The walls need to be simple. Use bold accent colors and combine with white for a fresh and simple look.

Since we were discussing black and white themes, here’s another one where everything is purple. Purple is usually a color associated with the Purple and every single color must have purple or else something close to it in order to invade the room with its magic.

Of course, a bedroom doesn’t need to be purple to achieve the desired look. In fact, the bedroom can also use some golden accents and metallic details to complete it in the right way.

Since we’re talking about antique designs, you should also take a look at some black and white stripes. The white stripes can create the impression of a larger space or they can add an elegant and sophisticated touch to the décor. A black and white striped room is usually cold although the elements it can add to the décor are numerous and never seem to go out of style.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.

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