Transitional Bathroom Vanity By Inbarboili

The bathroom is often the most used area in one’s home. That’s because it’s a space where many people and guests gather and spend time together. Of course, the vanity is an exception. Still, regardless of the interior design of your bathroom, you have to take into consideration aspects like the size of the room, the materials you use, the color you choose for the walls and the décor. These bathroom vanity ideas will help you create a space to be glamorous throughout.

The vanity vanity doubles as a storage unit. It’s an innovative idea, especially for small bathrooms. A wall-mounted vanity is a simple and very practical option. Also, a similar strategy can be used for the rest of the room. Regardless of the materials you decide for this space, you can adapt the design and color to your own preferences and style.

The vanity integrated in the design of this bathroom vanity is an unusual and very interesting piece. It sits on a tall and thin vertical platform, not the usual shape of the bathroom. It’s rather small and it has an industrial look. In addition, the shape of the unit is an interesting combination, the shape being reminiscent of the silhouette of an antelope. But the design is not the only unusual feature that makes this piece stand out.

Transitional Bathroom Vanity By Inbarboili Photo 3

The tall and narrow unit offers the user a lot of freedom in terms of material and color. The platform can be raised by as many of us as they are aware of. This way it offers flexibility in terms of layout and the overall look can be reduced to minimalist, minimalist simplicity. The platform can also be left uncovered, if you want to protect it, for example in case it becomes too large for the space.

Transitional Bathroom Vanity By Inbarboili Photo 4

Moreover, the vanity can be integrated in a wall unit, an option which allows it to maintain a minimalist appearance without necessarily compromising functionality. In this case, the combination of materials and finishes is a very harmonious one.

The minimalist approach is a very valid choice for bathrooms. This way the décor will become a sculptural and interesting space specialized towards the little things and nothing more.

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