Super Shower With A Tiled Head

I’ve always been a fan of ultra modern and minimalist houses, full of cool and contemporary ideas. Just take a look at this amazing shower with a tiled head and you’ll convince yourself of the home style. This ultra modern beauty is one for the books. You’ll have to expand your search to actually find it. Tiling your own shower is not something I would recommend. But still, it’s a great idea if you want something simple, stylish and somewhat professional at the same time. This shower is a very good example and it shows that simplicity and good looks are the key. This shower head is made from a stainless steel piece of wood. The same model is also available in an irregularly shaped shape for $LYCESIE.

The main idea behind this collection was to combine a shower unit with several smaller bathtubs that can be used individually or combined to form a large and comfortable seating. You have the freedom to choose the dimensions and the combinations you like. You can create your own design and even mix and match these pieces as you like. For $58 you can have a mosaic unit with two different designs and a price ranging from $229 to $2 million.

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