Stone And Steel House With Spectacular Views

This impressive residence is located in La Banane below Yehiam city in Turkey. It’s a very impressive home with lots of interesting architectural details and a design that tries to blend in rather than to stand out from the rest. The house was designed by Peas Architects and it offers a total of 437 square meters of living space spread on three levels. The main challenge of the design was adjusting the way tiles and other flooring had Collages that steal space and steal away the drama from the rest of the house.

The name of this project is very well chosen. The stone wall is very symbolic and suggests the nearby stone cliffs. It’s a classical representation with a modern twist, a balance between proximity to nature and symmetry. The structure follows the traditional shape of the house and also reinterprets it in terms of interior and exterior design. The views from the interior are spectacular and they can be admired from the balcony as well as from the dining area.

The interior and exterior living are also beautifully redesigned. They don’t really seem separate and they each bring the structure to a new level. In this particular case, for example, the sloped roof didn’t really interfere with the usable outdoor space as it actually allowed for a larger space and more windows. To make the space feel inviting and warm, the designers chose to remove the masonry and to cover the structure with moss. This way they comfort and feel like a part of the house.

Stone And Steel House With Spectacular Views Photo 3

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