Red Bricks Building In Nada – An Area Of Osaka

This Japanese-style residential building is extremely unique in terms of design and durability. The building is located in Osaka, the capital of the Chikadra Mountains characterized with old fashioned but traditional architecture. Architects for this project had to face a challenging site which has a view from downtown, and the city owning a smaller, local business district. Because of this, they had to create a building which avoided obstructing the views to the wonderful sight of this area.

The brick house which comes privately and without any openings looks more like a finished off model of a brick building and you can see the bricks painted white as it were. Large windows allow plenty of natural light to enter the place from the North. In spite of the boring initial design, the interior stylishly combines the wooden floors and the concrete surfaces. The living area being oriented towards the courtyard, the space reserved for the entry of people. The position of the kitchen is in the corner of the space which gives a pleasant, bright light to the entire house.

This building represents a perfect combination between tradition and contemporary. The fireplace surrounded by a glass wall seems to float because of the air currents from the courtyard. The whiteness of the walls and the few modern pieces of furniture give elegance to this place. Outside, the place reserved for relaxation is provided with a few square meters of courtyard. Here you can enjoy a simple deck and a barbecue.

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