Red Accent Wall Bedroom Of A Hotel

For a hotel or retreat, elegance is more important than comfort just because it has a remote access to the spaces. It’s a way of being respectful and comfortable but also a detail that can sometimes make you feel bad. Here’s yet another beautiful, but unexpected bedroom design. This time we have an accent wall. It’s actually the pattern that makes this white paint look so beautiful and charming.

The color chosen for this bedroom is a soft shade of pink. The pattern was quite unusual as well and so simple that anyone would imagine it suited in a hotel or in a traditional home. As the colors become more pronounced, so the atmosphere becomes more casual and inviting, more friendly and relaxing. The dimensions of this particular painting are 15?sq. x 24?h. It matches with the glamorous pink sofa and also with a mirror and some of the other details. The overall dimensions of this bedroom are 50?sq. x 66?h. You can buy this bedroom for $780,000. The piece was distributed by Velvet Studiod. You can find the whole story on kube-decor.

Red Accent Wall Bedroom Of A Hotel Photo 2

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