Kohler Bar Sinks

Kohler has launched some interesting designs for the bathroom. This is the K-Gallery collection and it was created by Yves van der Velde. It’s a very interesting and eye-catching collection that particularly interest us in the case of modern and contemporary creations. Of course, we’re not talking about the bathroom because it includes two sinks instead of a traditional one and a customizable design that can adapt to the space you have available.

The collection includes a series of soft and rounded curves that form the backs of the two beautiful ceramic pedestals that can be placed in the actual bathroom. They’re covered with beautiful and chic wallpaper prints that feature intricate gold accents and then they’re presented in the form of a rectangular bathtub that curves and lines to match the design.

The two ceramic tiles form a mosaic that features the same organic lines and curves as the wallpaper. They make a bold statement and their role is to create a focal point in the bathroom and to visually connect the two rooms.

The shower wall is actually a unconventional mirror for the tub. The wall establishes a very pleasant and inviting look compared to the pattern featured by the tiles but this design detail also makes it visually interesting deceptively complicated. It’s a wall that offers the user privacy and yet allows them to admire a beautiful, personal wash basin from the adjacent tub.{found on haus}.

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