Isolated Cabin By David Guerra Architecture And Interior

This lovely beach suite is located in Lima, Peru and it was a project by David Guerra Architecture And Interior. It’s a space that has a very inviting interior. It was opened with sliding glass doors that open onto an internal courtyard and that also allow direct exposure to the outdoor areas.

The rooms of the house feature a very lovely outdoor area. There are plenty of lounge areas and relaxation spaces where the owners can go to relax and unwind. The house is actually quite spacious. Each room has its own living area with a very large sea view while the rest of the spaces are organized in an L shape. Each space opens onto a courtyard and extends onto the patio, forming a sort of outdoor that also serves as a indoor courtyard.

The interior of the house is just as expansive as the exterior. The rooms are interconnected and form an open floor plan. They each have their own separate entrance. The living area opens onto a large garden area and terrace. The doors are pivot and there’s a sense of privacy in here as well.

Isolated Cabin By David Guerra Architecture And Interior Photo 4

By expanding the social area outdoors we create a border for the patio and the outdoor living spaces, visually eliminating visual barriers and emphasizing the views and the vegetation.

Isolated Cabin By David Guerra Architecture And Interior Photo 5

The kitchen and dining space are part of an open floor plan. The kitchen island has a wooden extension just in between the windows and just next to the outdoor lounge space. It contributes to the whole modern look created by the wood.

The breakfast area and the barbeque area are an extension of the kitchen. They share the same light and dark colors while the wood covers the lower portion.

The wood stairs have this warm look and they lead up to the more private areas. The bedrooms and bathrooms are bright and simple. They embrace the simplicity of the décor. They’re inviting and inviting but, at the same time, they manage to impress without being opulent.The house was renovated in 2010 and the results were chosen to create modern and inviting living spaces, with geometries that don’t really go wrong.

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