House Inside Mountain – A Cozy Home Without Ever Leaving The Comfort Of Home

The next house we’re going to show you is exactly what this designer had in mind. It’s a structure located in Bochum, New York. It was designed by John Deere and it sits on his west coast, within the beautiful mountain terrain and all around beautiful views.

The exterior design of this house is rather odd and unusual. The structure impresses on all levels. There’s a wonderful loft above the kitchen, just about one-third the height of the master cabin. This beautiful 1,700 sf space features French doors that separate it from the social areas. The whole structure impresses on all levels. It provides serenity and shelter from the weather, it sits almost two feet above the ground, within a wood-clad shell that enhances the panoramic views.

House Inside Mountain – A Cozy Home Without Ever Leaving The Comfort Of Home Photo 2

The interior is composed of a serene living space, elegant yet simple and cozy, with light wood elements that highlight the clean lines and the natural beauty of the overall design. The loft is located in yet another building from Brooklyn. It’s the same story for the Villa Vals located in that area, in Montpellier, south of Brooklyn. It’s currently exempt from demolition for three years of hard work and it was built with lush pastels and dark wood.

All three villas and the residence have views of the mountain and the surrounding area. I would love to live there, in an environment full of nature and tradition and nature and nature and architecture together with all the nature. This unusual building was designed by the practice of STV architects (Stefan Strith+Sorena Hale) and I’m going to show you one of their latest project. It’s located close to the school where it cantilevers the steeply reaches that allow the inhabitants to admire the incredible landscape on all sides and they cantilevers over the neighboring structures creating various outdoor areas like a pondures or golf courses.

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