Dornbracht Shower Head

Shower cabinets and shower heads are very beautifully made and have beautiful designs. The Dornbracht shower head is a masterpiece piece and the design is both elegant and functional. It features a horizontal curved base with an integral LED light. This allows the light to bounce off the thicker the marble block and thus create a special ambiance.

Usually, shower heads are part of any bathroom’s design. However, the Dornbracht does not feature a single cohesive head. It’s why the crystal clear shape and the combination of materials is so functional and beautiful. The shower head with the tiled shower head are made of a combination of copper and nickel. They are also very strong and sturdy and reflect the beautiful and playful designs of the Spanish designer which created this piece.

The shower base is a collection of wooden slats and the wooden slats are safe for the liquid behind. The shower base is available in a variety of other materials as well. The two slotted heads create an unusual balance of transparency and Ombré. The shower base is a combination of marble and wood and has a dark walnut stain. It features four powder-coated metallic metal pocket holes that allow the water to pour out.{found on site}.

Dornbracht Shower Head Photo 3

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