Collapsible Showerhead – Part 2

Nowadays people use different kinds of shower heads to fit different functions into their house like a pool attachment. But this new creation comes with a new surprise. This is a concept represented by thecollapsible showerhead. It’s not the typical lead-top shower head we expect for such features like a pool attachment but this shouldn’t discourage you. The design and the idea is inspired by two very beautiful butterflies.

The design of this shower head is quite interesting and not that complicated. The supplies used (cornotti plastic, wood cloth, spray pad, showerhead screws) were chosen to avoid increasing the cost of the head and also to be easy to assemble. The design also has a nontraditional look. It’s a basic and timeless look with a lot of stylish details but this wasn’t the facade to talk about.

The wood material used for this head is maintenance-free and can be easily wiped down with a wet cloth. It’s also safe and very easy to clean. The materials used are wood, tile, BPCB (checkers and filters are also used for decking), cement, water, bad-smelling wool and sealer. The butterflies was chosen so that they wouldn’t turn brown regardless of the temperature settings of their enclosing walls. Check out the tutorial for more details.

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