Christmas Decor Outside With A Little Snow

Inspired by the Snowflake House, this beautiful Christmas decorations are created from an old snowflake house. The idea is very simple. The little red snow outside from the window glows beautifully decorated with bright Christmas lights. The little windows from outside look like some old windows. It might be a little too sophisticated for Christmas, but these windows are a nice detail that gives personality to the house. The little metal window shades are not glued to the glass so it might look just fine on your Christmas tree.

The little house looks very cozy and warm in winter. It certainly is. The roof is painted green and seems to protect your home away from too much heat. The window shutters can be removed. They will give your house a cozy feeling. This lovely Christmas decorations would look great if used in the winter. If you need some inspiration with the decorations, we have a few suggestions. The pictures that you see here showcase a really good contrast of colors and styles. You can use them as guides but you can also do the same in your own home if you want to create something different. Good luck!

Christmas Decor Outside With A Little Snow Photo 3

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