Breakfast Nook Banquette Table To Complement A Dining Room

It’s a common problem but it can be surprisingly tricky and strange. The few designers that managed to somehow find this problem and to give picture to this problem actually allow us to decorate our homes and to transform them in unique ways. One example is the Banquette table, a piece of furniture that fits perfectly in a traditional dining room.

It was designed by Carlo Colombo in 2013. The table has a very simple design and a geometric shape that makes it extremely versatile as well as wonderful for both indoor and outdoor use. The design is a geometrical play of square elements. The shape of the table mimics the sun. It’s then decorated with numerous delicate and delicate elements. The choice of materials is also very interesting.

The overall design is modern but the interesting details are the actual design of the table. In addition, there are also the three small round mirror that emphasizes the shape of the table, the round chairs, the artwork on the wall behind the table and the beige accents.

The banquette table makes a beautiful focal point for the dining room but it can also be successfully integrated in other spaces as well, such a bedroom or a living room. It’s both inviting and stylish and it’s a wonderful choice for both couples or families.

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