Architectural Fireplaces Paired Beautifully With Graceful Wooden Interiors

The traditional and simplistic designs often tend to have too many features and little character and decorations that can completely change the look of a room and make it seem smaller and less inviting. It’s exactly for situations like this one where the fireplace is an indispensable element no matter where you look.

This was also a Style Fair held in Chicago and they revealed their exhibition of midcentury modern design. We’ve only found one portion of this style and we’re happy to see the results. In this case it was rather easy to distinguish the fireplaces from their matching seats and other elements around them. They have similar designs and shapes.

Architectural Fireplaces Paired Beautifully With Graceful Wooden Interiors Photo 3

There was also a firearm section and a section for Campagna rocking. Overall, the design is simple and this gives the decor a minimalist and elegant look. The wooden armchairs and the matching side table are the obvious focal points of the space. No space is completely limited to this particular space.

The asymmetrical lines of these chairs is a very beautiful detail. They really and truly just like nature so it should all be harmonious. We love the way it complements the design and the form gives it flair and charm.

A similar combination of elements can also be seen here where a fireplace was used. The fireplace is the very natural feature in this case. One of the walls is actually a wall. The fireplace is both the element behind the TV and also the piece sitting against the wall.

A fireplace grate in the same section as the one in the living room. The left wall is the dining room wall and by connecting two walls to one they form sets a big, open, welcoming wall. But what if you want to use the fireplace in a more unconventional way? The opposite can and will be possible if you decide on a more simple design, maybe a more elegant one.

A fireplace is a great accessory usually seen in formal living rooms. It can be the element behind a traditional fireplace or it can be the element that frames the stylized area rug, the furniture, the artwork, etc. It can also become the focal point, the element that brings the décor together and gives a sense of harmony.

This is another fabulous fireplace. In this case the fireplace is in the same room as the sofa. It shares the wall with the TV and the print on the carpet matches the painting displayed on the wall. The fireplace and the Arne Collection are both made of iron so there’s cohesion between them.

There’s also the occasional combination of colors and details and elements which could be used to create an eye-catching décor. In this case we have a birch wall unit with a white lava stone fireplace.

There are no exceptions to this rule. We actually like how this bedroom looks like a traditional one, even though there are numerous accent pieces which mimic the stone. The design is a nice blend of looks and comfort.

Even though stone fireplace are very popular and have this rugged look, they can also look lovely in traditional decors. A comfortable and rustic fireplace can be the focal point for a traditional bedroom without the needed luxury accents. Check out how wonderful this bedroom is, with the brick walls, the leather headboard and all the earthy neutrals combined with the exposed beams and the subtle trim and details.

A fireplace can also be a focal point if, for example, you wish to make a traditional fire pit stand out and to make it the main attraction in the room. You have the option to highlight the fireplace whether it be an actual part of the design, a wall or an accessory.

Of all the fireplace designs, this would have to be one of the most eye-catching ones, no matter how simple, subtle and charming the rest of the interior design is. Impressive is not synonym with easy matching pieces. This beautiful space featured here has an inviting and colorful interior, with subtle tones of blue and metallic accents just like the rest of the fireplace design.

Of course, other stylish ways to bring the fireplace feature to life can include the wall décor, the upholstery, the color palette, the views, the lighting fixture, even the décor surrounding the fireplace or nook and even the whole room just as harmoniously as this one. This is a wonderful example of how eclectic and glamorous a fireplace can be.

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