Usona Home – An Apartment In The Heritage Of Paris By Manuelle Moeller

This stunning residence is the firm responsible for designing the Usona home located in Paris, France. As its name suggests, we’ve chosen to pay particular attention to the interior design and especially the furniture choices.

The house has been restored using classical methods. Notice how the old and the new elements coexist in perfect harmony. The house is filled with natural light that enters through the large windows. Notice how the spacious rooms look like when there are no windows or big glass doors or anywhere else.

The brick walls may be one of the most interesting features. They let holes into the old building while offering us a peek at the new design. Outside, an old wine cellar and a bunch of specialized spaces were preserved. A large glassed-in hot tub await the owner during the day and an orange deck was built around the tree overnight. As for the furniture, it’s a mix of classical pieces with some modern touches.

Usona Home – An Apartment In The Heritage Of Paris By Manuelle Moeller Photo 3

The dark floors are very beautiful. They give the space a very cozy and comfortable feel. The sky lights also help with the transparence in this case. The terrace and the kitchen take advantage of the huge windows which provide wonderful views of the surroundings. Overall, it’s a very beautiful house, with an elegant interior design and a very inviting décor.{found on 1st-option}

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