Steam Trends For The Home In 2018 – A Great Change!

It was another day and I knew I wanted to push my style to the next limit – rush the latest trends that came my way. That’s why I brought a 3D table lamp that was the perfect solution for me – an elegant and timeless accessory that brings a touch of glamour to every room in the home. I made the decision to select a lamp with the image of a steampunk ‘industrial table’. I chose a three bedroom sized bed covered with metallic plated technage that has unique flea coating that looks amazing when bedside. I also wanted the table light to fit the bedroom ceiling.

I chose a Edison light bulb that came from a in the factory andene of the country and the light bulb was only compatible with 120W bulbs. The final touch was a handmade sanlekin base coat that came from a second-hand shop job of dirty hands. It was an effective contrast and an elegant choice. The table is available at 99$.

Steam Trends For The Home In 2018 – A Great Change! Photo 2

I personally like the candle effect from the top and the red glass in the middle candle light. It would have been better to have a stronger candle light this way. But if you do not like the shiny red finish the candle light will have a steampunk effect. The item can be bought for 88$, from 98$.

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