Painted Cabinets Ideas For A Cottage Kitchen

Since the kitchen is a room where you spend most of your free time, if at all, during the day, you might as well keep it warm and cozy, with a nice cold temperature and all those little things. And nobody would want to spend the day in the kitchen, doing Stuff, cooking For the little meals. So every little thing is important. Let’s see what we can do.

Think about it: you could do the same thing in your kitchen every time you want. Of course, kitchen is only the food machine area that would need to be arranged and heated. So you’ll probably think that the sink and the floor are just different and that it would be a good idea to match the color of the furniture and also to choose a predominant shade, one that will also match the rest of the kitchen.

Painted Cabinets Ideas For A Cottage Kitchen Photo 2

Another idea would be to combine the kitchen with the living room and to have lots of shelves and all sorts of storage places where you can store all sorts of things. Shelves and cabinets can easily take all the floor space from the kitchen and yet still create a cozy and warm atmosphere. In fact, it would be ideal to have these shelves and storage places in the kitchen and also not to have the microwave covered with a blue couch. Kids love them too and they can become a part of the interior in many different ways. Still, I think we’ve caught some of the charm and there’s still hope in the design.{pictures from frogtroy}

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