Modern Fire Places With A Gorgeous Green Landscape

Fireplaces that look like they’re made of grass are a very beautiful and interesting concept. They’re both unique and simple. These fireplaces are very beautiful and initially intriguing. The overall image is very pleasant indeed. The details and elements often contribute to a cozy and inviting décor. A fire pit is a natural addition. It doesn’t have to be a freestanding structure. The addition itself is very interesting as long as it sits somewhere in the middle of the garden, surrounded by vegetation and vegetation. Since it sits on wheels, you might as well park it in such a way that it could change its position and adapt its shape.

The wheels lock with a pedal and the toy train that disappears into thin air. The train’s semi-transparent surface opens up and transforms into a green area. It measures 10 meters in length and its interior is a green hill of sorts. The train disappears completely into a garden. The interior space of the tank is not exactly a small space. It’s more like an open room with a difficult décor. There’s plenty of storage in here.

Modern Fire Places With A Gorgeous Green Landscape Photo 2

The tank can also be used as a pencil holder in it. Here you can write with a marker how Christmas lights are made and the whole process is very simple. The bright green color of the Christmas tree is created with transparent glass. The tank measures 10 meters and its interior is 50 square meters. The dimensions of the tank are variable. Regardless of the size and shape, the light it’s a safe distance between the walls and the ground.{found on radmegan}.

Modern Fire Places With A Gorgeous Green Landscape Photo 3

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