Modern Farm Houses With Eye-catching Architecture

The term farmhouse, as the best described by J.Roc has always meant “the perfect gable” and it applies to everything related to a farm house. However, such a definition is not exactly accurate. It all depends on the type of building. For example:

1. Cozy ranch house style.

A ranch house is a style developed in the 1950s and designed by Imma. It’s commonly also referred to a farmhouse. However, certain variations of this design are also known as “cozy house style” or are referred to as farmhouses.

A cozy ranch house, even though it has an eye-catching interior design, doesn’t necessarily need to have a modern or contemporary theme to be a suitable home for anyone. It’s enough to choose a cozy color palette based on neutral tones such as beige, white and some soft pink. To add personality, use cute or funny details on the walls. Also, be careful what you use in the kitchen. This will help the décor stand out and the atmosphere will instantly change.{pics from lizmarieblog}.

2. Rustic delight.

When we say rustic we’re referring here to the style of the design as individual elements and not to the many modern additions. For example, if you decide to add some of these elements to your living room and to use a combination of colors similar to those used in the kitchen for example, the décor will be unique.

Since the ranch house is mainly a working space, the furniture will definitely have a rustic touch. Use wood tones such as mahogany and natural stone for a particularly charming look. You can also use fur to create a contrast and to turn this useless room into a cozy and inviting space. As for the rest of the décor, you can use nature and all its beauty to create a uniform look.{pictures from t australia}.

3. Eco-friendly ranch house.

Robert Harvey Oshatz designed a ranch house in Jalisco, Mexico. He chose steel as the main material for the structure and designed a contemporary structure that would surely stand out. The house is eco-friendly, made entirely of rainwater, lacking any paints, and uses the organic systems required for maintaining and caring nature.

The exterior was designed in accordance with Eco-friendly building techniques and the interior is spacious and bright. The Jacuzzi tub is strategically placed near the window for incredible views. The house is not actually isolated. It’s a structure within an organic structure. It allows its owner to relax, get things done all in the forest and to enjoy nature and get close to friends and loved ones.

4. A stunning stone house.

Most of us don’t know much about gardens until it’s too late now. We’re all aware of that but now we have the opportunity to include it in our homes and to turn it into a decoration. Our homes should be welcoming and full of character. For that to happen, a stunning stone house could be a dream for many of us. This one is located in the Mexican high mountains and sits on a site that measures over 10,000 square feet.

The house was designed by Max Spires Architecture and was completed in 2010. The name it was designed for was inspired by the sculptor Fausto De Chirico who was known for exploring the mountains and the sea. He was known for exploring the natural beauty of the mountain in particular, taking advantage of the proximity to the Vejer of Mexico.

The house is composed of two volumes. The larger one contains and kitchen and dining room and is connected to the main volume by elevated floors that are clad with strategically placed stones taken from the region of Valéroy de Roca.

Another impressive feature of the house is the series of voids that help connect all the spaces. For example, the ground floor is where the staircase is located and the upper level is where the private area includes the three fireplaces. The ground floor is simple, mostly based on a rectangular floor plan. The spacious and intimate ambiance allows it to feel airy and open.{pis by Jon Rímulo / Alberto Schulte}.

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