Indoor Hanging Chairs By Mirko

The hanging chair is also known as lounge chair because you can say it looks like a lounge chair, but it doesn’t have a backrest. It has a recessed portion and is made of painted glass that allows air to circulate. The name says it all: The Hang Pine chair. The name doesn’t even come from the shape, it’s the glass panels. The glass panels are made of numerous small pieces of wood that hang on the bar or island. These small pieces have a recessed area and can be either a hot air balloon or a wood.

The Cocoon chair was designed by Mirko. It’s an innovative piece of furniture that looks extremely cozy and cocoon-like. It was designed for Balinese retail perfumers. It’s a very ingenious piece of furniture that offers total freedom for its users. It allows the user to customize his chair and create his own personalized piece of furniture. He or she can draw or write on it. This means that anything that has a specific function can be shaped into a beautiful piece for the home.

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Any way, the Cocoon is not very large (although it could fit a small table in a big room) but beautiful and comfortable. It has a personalized design, a way to be loved by children or for adults. The Cocoon is available in two color tones: white and orange. Its overall dimensions are : diameter: 25.25” height, width: 23” d, top: seat; the seat: a 17.5 d. width and the seat back: a 17.5 d. width. Its color is yellow and this allows you to bring a piece from your childhood and imagine that they are the main features around which you spend your time, first with your children or maybe yourself.{found on freshome}.

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