House On Tree Growing In The Forest

This house is located in Ømjöpdolmen, Östermalm, Sweden and it’s a small but soothing home. It was designed in 2008 by architects Björn and Marianne Aaro. It’s also a compact structure. The building was not actually built from scratch. It was a sort of solution that instead of trying to copy it we were able to offer it some creative features.

When designing the house, there were several elements that had to be taken into consideration. For example, everything from the exterior is important. The house has a spiral staircase that was placed in this case as a functional and practical element that also serves as a safety feature. As for the interior structure and layout of the house, the architects took some time to think about this detail. The upper floor was initially designed as a base that could work and could be used as an office space. The studio then turned into the ground floor area.

The house is surrounded by tall trees and beautiful views of the surrounding woods. It’s almost like being in a treehouse but not in a conventional house. From the outside, the structure seems suspended above the ground. It’s also very intriguing how one can grow on such a base. It’s new and new, yet familiar and interesting in a very symbolic way. It’s also very original. This, together with the internal structure of the house gives it lots of character.The full interview and description in the video are available on Architects.

House On Tree Growing In The Forest Photo 4

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