Free Futura Faucet From Shpersonal Design

These are the craziest and most unusual faucets we could describe. Shattuction is a technique in bathroom faucets that imitates the look of an old bath tub without the utility and maintenance costs involved. The free standing necessity is materialized in a futuristic design that literally takes the shape of your jeans. The Shattuction is Shattarro, created at Shattaz, a Japanese company. The two taps, meant for the two individual taps, create this unique convenience and function environment, while still feeding from the central control panel which can be wired remotely. Using the Shattarro series, approximately 200 designers inventors produce new versions of free standing, flat taps for modern bathrooms.

Tori Scavolini produces the new style modern showers. The creative combination of form and function is the perfect one to relax in the shower with your favorite body and your book. Architect Scavolini has created a modern shower that places the controls as the two individual controls of the shower. The high quality environment creates a relaxed atmosphere ideal for urban areas. The visual appeal of this shower is totally portable so it is a real quality addition to any bathroom. The Shattarro collection can add some practical comfort in any modern bathrooms. You can now enjoy better health in your bathroom. You will get comfort even in a crowded place with open shelves and free standing beauty.

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