Earth Berm House Plans By Leroy Street Studio

Designed by Leroy Street Studio, the Eco House project is located in Austin, Texas, USA and consists of a series of continuous steel and steel boxes placed on a flat surface. The design process of the house developed from a desire to maximize the external views of the site while also creating privacy for the interior spaces. The owners were divided into two parallel sleep scales. In between, a series of horizontal planes was used to create privacy. A sleep trial was also available, allowing the zoning ordinance to monitor the first level change without further intervention to the home. The design is a modern 3-level steel and glass structure accented and enhanced by a wood and cedar facade and raised midwood.

The house unfolds along the natural creek banks, which become an important element in the design: hidden behind the solid front door, the living spaces open to the woods under the project. The kitchen, dining room, library, and library/study area are open to the communal courtyard. To the south, the bedrooms and family living space are closed off, maximizing the view potentials.

The family room perpendicular to the kitchen faces an elevated wood terrace that runs the length of the family room. A floating ledge connects the family room shelving unit to the kitchen island and acts as a backdrop to the library behind the family room.

Earth Berm House Plans By Leroy Street Studio Photo 3

The master bedroom maintains the open relationship with the outside but adds a privacy for the bedrooms through the offset of the upstairs children’s toys.”

Photos by: Piston Design

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