Best Mansions For Sale And Today’s Best Interior Design Ideas

The mansions that we are presented here today are one of the best homes ever. However, this is not the only category that can benefit from a mansions existent feature. There are various other options as well and they are all equally beautiful and interesting. The list includes the ones that stand out with their amazing and simple designs.

A vast space with a big fireplace.

The mansions from this project are located in Harelbein, The Netherlands. The interior was a project by CSO Design. They chose a farmhouse style for a remodel of a historic building and the proportions and placement of the residence are crucial for that. The mansions sit at 420 square meters while the pool at its widest point can be found at 110 square meters.

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Turfroy House – New York, USA.

This is a house located in New York, United States. It was designed by Paul Strachan Architect and it introduces a concept which was already familiar to the Paul Strachan Architect in the case of this project. The main idea behind this project was to turn the subterranean backyard into a beautiful and green outdoor living area. A wooden deck was created underneath the house. It not only supports the lounge area but also overlooks the swimming pool. The floor slabs create a roof terrace and thus the indoor/outdoor relation is not lost. Also, the wooden deck gives the living area an intimate and comfortable feel.

A sprawling residence in Wyoming.

After looking at the big picture, you’ll probably see that what was once considered ‘unfriendly’ is becoming an opportunity for a contemporary house located in Jackson, Wyoming, USA. This is the kind of home you’d love to call home. It was originally built in 1979 and it feels fresh and modern. The large central portion is U-shaped and it houses an indoor living room combined with an outdoor dining area. The backyard offers expansive views of St. Wyoming River and its inhabitants.

A house hidden behind tall trees.

It’s as if the main inhabitant of this house was the tree courtyard. Designed by Johnsen Schmaling Architecture this house was built on a hilly site with a tree lined almost everywhere. The trees were lucky to have the large windows at the back of the house so they could provide beautiful views of the treed grounds and would have been incredibly happy looking at them while relaxing indoors.

A geometric architecture that balances in style and function.

In 2009 Stuttgart was completely renovated. It was a project by GLRP, composed of two speculative houses. When asked to create a design for one of the houses, Stephen opted for the two geometric forms. The goal was to create a house that would have as little impact on the environment as possible, hence the neutral color scheme of the structures.

A house nestled between two trees.

A lot of houses are built on dual-school terrain and yet there’s not a lot of natural space to work with in the case of this contemporary residence in Greenwich, Connecticut. The project was developed by Westbrook Michael Architects. The house sits on a 1,937 square foot site and its owners are able to see from the outside from certain windows of the houses. This way the privacy comes from those houses which are built above the landscape. It’s an interesting concept.

A house which you can literally live in

Part of the appeal of modern architecture is the multitude of possibilities it offers. In the case of houses such as the one designed by AspenBau Architects, the design strategy was a little different.

In this case, the house is built on a steep slope and has walls made of stone slate. This is a feature which has the strategic role to camouflage it all. In addition, the facades look polished stone as well as steel and concrete. This sleek camouflage is actually a contemporary interpretation of a traditional mountain house. This design was also chosen in a contemporary setting where more traditional features can take priority in the end.

The Adzuki House by h2o architectos>[adzuk] It’s easy to see how this would be a ideal retreat for its owners: you can relax on the deck, enjoy the views, have a BBQ and read a good book plus all the other activities offered here.

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