Animal Lamps

Leccaris is a collection that includes being a part of the pet owners’ living room club. At first, it might be a little difficult to find the appropriate pet name in Italy, but with time the designers found their imaginative friend. De Partone’s name has been extended to the series names Leccaris and Benjamin in several languages. Leccaris is a small lamp made of several individual petal parts.

Delicate light animal… a playful design that’s sure to excite your sweet little one. The two petals in the figure are combined in a unique manner in order to create this playful lamp. Your pet will definitely be enchanted to appear in this lamp even after the transformation. It’s a good choice for the pet owners of modern and contemporary living rooms. Your pet will simply fall in love with this unique creation, especially with the possibility of seeing it in person both in the store and in the company’s collections.

With cartoon-like characters and an unusual setting, the figure seems to be real leccaris. They can be found both in the animal cave that surrounds the apartment in Milan and in the bedroom in Paris, Paris and Stockholm. It’s a very interesting and unusual design. But that’s the most important part of it: the character of the Leccaris lamp.

This is a one-of-a-kind lamp. It has an artistic character and it features surprising designs that might seem odd at first. Nevertheless, the more you think about it, the more it starts to make sense. The leccaris lamp is indeed a very artistic piece. It’s an example of creativity and originality when it comes to this domain.

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