Ralph Lauren Cakes Stand Out In The Vegetable Garden

Designers find all sorts of interesting designs for things like cakes and balls. The first impression when you look at this stand is very positive. It’s very simple, just like any branch, but it’s also unique. It’s made of non-aluminium sheets and it has an unusual shape. The stand is made in Thailand and it was designed by Soheil You, Chen Radron and Thanos Tasuan. The stand is made of aluminum featuring a juxtaposition of vertical and horizontal planes.

The base of the stand is made from bent cylindrical blocks. The blocks are meant to be filled with soil or fresh herbs. The height difference between the two is only 5 mm and this means that each hole is a bit higher than the rest. This allows the user to place items such as pebbles, planters, succulents and all sorts of other things onto the stand and they will stand out even more. The base is made of brass and is available in polished copper, brass, polished silver and polished white brass. or in bronze, brass, copper, brass platinum, copper platinum and copper. The stand is artificial, unfinished and unfinished and can be purchased for EUR copper 69.65.

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