Painted Wood Floor Ideas: Tips And Ideas

We all know that after a long and intensive day at work all the mess machines are more and more annoying than they are. But after that it’s easy to get used to it. So, if you’re looking for an easy and comfortable way of decorating your house or office with wood flooring, consider simply following these tips and converting their original design into something you can feel comfortable with.

Wood flooring is not only aesthetically pleasant but it’s also a great way to strengthen the relationship between a space and the viewer. By painting the wood floor or using deeper colors you draw the eye upward and create a feeling of feeling thermal comfort.

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Wood flooring could also be an option for small rooms. A room with reduced walls can benefit from warm wood flooring while a room without them can benefit from blue or green flooring.

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Wood flooring combined with insulation and stone tiles for the bathroom walls can make a room feel warm, welcoming, and rich in texture. If your bathroom lacks natural light such as that it’s the case with this Italian vacation home, you can always use plain white wood for the floor.

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In the bedroom, the floor can be the main floor area. An accent wall covered with wood can beautifully emphasize the airy look of the room. If your room includes a bookcase, paint the shelves white so they block the light.

Wood flooring in the kitchen can work great when you want to keep the kitchen somewhat bright. If your kitchen is rather traditional or rustic, you can opt for wooden flooring and add one to the back of the cabinets.

In the dining room, if the flooring is already wood and you only want to play with different shades for the whole room, you can opt for woven wood flooring and use it to cover the room’s walls from floor to ceiling. Since it’s a timeless and elegant look, it would also be a nice idea to match it to an antique or an antiqued cabinet.

Another idea is to use dark wood flooring. It’s a sound that creates a more intimate and calm atmosphere. You can also have similar colors used for the flooring. In the case of the bedroom, if you want the room to have a feminine and romantic décor, dark flooring would be a much better choice.

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