Modern Italian Sofa By Fabio Gianoli

Passion Sofas is a collection belonging to the Fabio Gianoli Design. It takes the idea of a cozy domestic landscape and changes it to a tropical environment. Now you can have a sensation of finding yourself in a place closer to nature, taking with you the strong and the comfort of your choosing. As the designers they try to combine aesthetics with functionality, fit any taste, it will be a real pleasure to go there.

The sofas are comfortable and some have designs which let them serve as armrests and as cozy seats. Their pure and unrefined design makes you feel as if you are sleeping. The simple fact that they are upholstered with fur and you can lie on your back while you read a book and enjoy the warmth and comfort of the sofa or sit relaxed while watching the sun set.

The table has a rectangular top and a base made of transparent glass. All the pieces seem to be floating on the walls, providing an asymmetric and mysterious look and an artistic touch that invites you to explore the space. The pieces are simple but elegant and have a modern design. They come in a most beautiful tone of red and this gives them a professional allure. You can now purchase it for $2,200.

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