Led Showerhead Cabinet By Spec Acero

We all have showers at one point in our life but most of the time we are surrounded by clothes and shoes. Still, it would really better to have a separate shower head. The next design is from Spec Acero and it seems to be a perfect solution for most of us.The modern rinse cycle is a very simple and neat solution for apartments or young people. It uses a single rinse cycle consisting of rinse-bled water instead of the round, usual jingle cycle. Even though it’s very simple, it’s also more than stylish.

This designer has come up with a very interesting concept. He created a suspended wash basin that is formed from a single rectangular basin. The basin has a central column and this allows the water to reach more to the roots. The rinse-bling feature is very simple and very safe. This designer has come up with an ingenious and innovative concept. Moreover, this is a more elegant design that would be appropriate for more sophisticated bathrooms or kitchens. Given its simple design, this sink would look great in any bathroom, regardless of its size and its design.

Led Showerhead Cabinet By Spec Acero Photo 2

So, if you’re bathroom has a minimalist and modern design and you want to create the impression of a larger space, this wash basin might be the perfect thing that you need. It comes in two sizes and a range of other sizes and models as well. It comes with no installation process and it can be pre-assembled in 24 hours. Also, all the parts for this product can be purchased on official web sites.

Led Showerhead Cabinet By Spec Acero Photo 3

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