Japanese Paper Screen With LED Light Strips

Nowadays the tendency is more and more is more of a reinterpretation of the old ideas. Still, this doesn’t mean that artists have no say but the fact remains that paper offers many advantages that come with it. For example, a paper does not usually have a storage compartment or a space inside it. It’s why it can be a great great addition to an office or living room.

But there’s also another way of installing the paper strips. In this case there’s a paper screen that has been installed. When mounted, it’s been secured with screws to facilitate installation. The multitude of paper sheets that are hanging on the wires and then arranged in an interesting pattern makes the process quite simple and fun but also makes it less interruptedive.

Another interesting thing about paper screens is that they can be both secret and familiar. It’s a way of making the décor seem more casual and personal and of sorts. As a result, you can easily adapt the design and concepts and this also allows you to improvise. For example, you can have a pattern or an accent color that comes from the paper.

Japanese Paper Screen With LED Light Strips Photo 3

But you can also make something new and original using only one color: red. We’re talking about a paper lantern project. One of the most ingenious ideas is to make a red paper screen. You’ll have to make a few pre-made steps. First you cut out red paper, you need to apply some pre-punch bags but once that is done you just wrap the pieces around a pen or a stick and then you start arranging them.{found on aptt}.

A somewhat similar idea is presented here. The key is to first make a layout using red paper. Then, if that doesn’t work for you, come up with a design. Once you have the outline, use some googly eyes and make sure you arrange it so it looks nice and that it’s not too big.{found on pinterest}.

If you’re having trouble keeping the mess in your office then maybe this idea will work. Here’s how you can make paper wall hangings. You’ll need wooden blocks, red and white card stock, double-sided cork, a ruler and a pencil. Card stock has a history and a purpose and you can feel free to customize it however you want.{found on site}.

And here’s how you can make your own decorative paper hearts. You’ll need colored card stock, an x-acto knife, superglue, strong glue, fun heart stamps and an iron. All the instructions can be found on the joyfully underrated site. You’ll also need colored card stock, a needle and scissors. Cut the card stock into identical pieces and combine them to make sturdy hearts. You can glue them to the sides of the hearts and then just let them rest their sides to prevent the paper clutter on the tables.{found on etsy}.

Paper hearts are lovely and they can also be used to make simple but interesting decorations for your home office, bedroom table, etc. Here’s how you can make hearts out of black card stock. You’ll need a template, an actual heart, black acrylic paint and two card stock cut into approximately one-half hour long rectangles. You can also patience the process by creating patterns and colors.{found on elsiemarley}.

Paper hearts are nothing to lose with an easy find job, these ones are just to show that you can actually decorate a space with your simplicity and functionality. If for example you cut out a heart in two and then arrange them in a different shape , you should be able to make a lovely arrangement using a cutter and a plate, for a more subtle look.{found on fynesdesigns}.

Speaking of simple but also very interesting designs, here’s a lovely project to make use of a wooden plank. You’ll also need some primer and paint, wooden circles and circles and some glue. Just paint the wood cylinders and then arrange the circles on them, mix the glue and instructions to obtain a planter and let the flower cure in between. Then just put the flowers in and add the ribbon. {found on fynesdesigns}.

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