Jacuzzi Tub And Shower Combo By Com Fante

The most efficient way to enjoy a bathroom is while lying in bed. So today we’re going to present you the Jacuzzi tub and shower combo. This modern and unconventional piece of the bathroom can be used as both a seat and arestain you from the bed from time to time. It can be easily turned and folded down whenever you feel the need for an extra washbasin or towel.

The system features a double sided thermold shower tray and a 60W thermold disciller, a radiator and a cold air dryer plus a linear drain. The towel warm is plastic and also includes a pocket for the shower spray. This unusual combination of materials was the result of the collaboration between German designer Necro and Italian Studio.

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He wanted to combine modern functionality with a very simple and innovative look. The designer combined a simple and quiet design with thermal and acoustic properties, as explained by the studio. The two elements are connected via a flexible connection system. All the components fit under the tub which was custom built for the space and the overall look is minimalist and modern.

The best thing about the Jacuzzi tub and shower is the simplicity. The only thing that gives it a standing look is the chromium steel body. The system is quite luxurious. It stands out in a very subtle and elegant manner and the system also impresses with its modularity and versatility. The shower enclosure is made from poplar and looks quite massive and robust. However, it’s extremely flexible and versatile. The two elements can be combined to create a single structure or a multiple structure.

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The chromium steel element also has two handles and an horizontally-sloped gold steel band that connects it to the washbasin has been inserted. The piece is held together by a matching overflow. The overall image is that of a sophisticated shower cabin. However, because it’s so slender and elegant, it can be integrated in any bathroom. It would look wonderful in a minimalist décor dominated by simple colors.

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