Exotic Granite Slabs House The “Wedge Planter Pots”

“Exotic granite slabs” are very easy to recognize in Western areas mainly the industrial look. They are often called “Wasp Stone” as well as “Orchard stone” and sometimes in unusual shapes. The house “Wasp” is a project designed by right-studio architectural firm ARCO Arquitectura in Mexico.

The house stands on a grassy knoll with a great view over the city, the mountains that surround it and the lake and garden. It was conceived as a breezy accessory that lets the outdoors in.

The concept was to make the house feel like a wagon or like a little wagon that had just been delivered from the house. Although it seems very vintage and a bit exaggerated, the house preserved its original materials, such as timber floors and furniture. As a result, even the exterior of the house is very rough and this reminds of the old structures and the homes that were already in use.

Exotic Granite Slabs House The “Wedge Planter Pots” Photo 4

Although the house is very rustic, the interior too is very chic and cozy. The weathered white surfaces make it stand out and contrast with the white walls and ceilings. The weathered steel from the floors contrasts with the stone walls and the white pine ceilings.{found on archdaily}.

Exotic Granite Slabs House The “Wedge Planter Pots” Photo 5

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