Eco Countertops By Snaidero

Copper sealed steel countertops are always interesting and unique. They create interesting patterns and designs and they can help you create a modern but also vintage décor. It’s a process that requires precision and skill. The following surfacing designs were designed by Pininfarina. Their main goal is to create smooth and seamless transitions in the kitchen as a result of the use of recyclable materials such as sheet metal and ceramic tiles.

The new surfacing collection from Snaidero is called Cissimo. The name suits it very well. It features thin and tall tubes which are held in place in the middle by aluminum plates. This way the countertop falls away into a pile, leaving an elegant geometric pattern which contrasts with the glossy black surface of the countertop.

Crisp modern designs are usually created using only a very special type of material or metal. These have their own advantages. For example, stainless steel sinks are considered timeless and forever beautiful. Cancabins and counters are just as beautiful and stylish as dishes.

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Looking at all these designs there’s no doubt that the surfacing collection would fit very naturally into most kitchens. Its simple and modular design makes it easy to combine it with other decors and subtle hints of its modern beauty.Available on site.

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