Dark Blue Rooms, A New Cozy Color That Can Make You Feel Cozy

When it comes to light colors, the color blue is no stranger to us but it is actually quite common and it’s definitely a strong color to use in large interior as well as for private spaces. Light blue is also a color often associated with water, especially in the summer. It’s not exactly the most practical color when it comes to cleaning the house or the garage but there’s no reason for it to be. Here are a few examples that show two or combined into one could give you an idea about how it might look like.

The first part when using light blue would be painting the walls of the basement, attic and the entrance. You might find that in color. Then there are also other ways of changing this color such as painting the ceiling or finding a different pattern or combination of elements in relation to the walls.

This kitchen, for example, uses dark blue in the background. The light blue, once again, emphasizes the light blue accents but not before changing the overall appearance of the space.

Dark Blue Rooms, A New Cozy Color That Can Make You Feel Cozy Photo 3

When used in combination with white, dark blue is not the most efficient color. However, this contrast can work as is. In this case, the light blue matches the kitchen cabinets and the upper cabinetry and the same goes for the wooden ceilings.

This traditional master bedroom is decorated with light blue which is how it sounds. However, the shade of blue used here is not the most cheerful and it’s actually the shade of blue used by the furniture in this case. Once again, it’s the gray that makes the bedroom stand out.

Dark Blue Rooms, A New Cozy Color That Can Make You Feel Cozy Photo 5

When used in combination with purple, navy blue is the color of contrast. The two shades are very well balanced and they look stunning when combined and when combined with crisp white.

The most colorful parts of a bedroom’s decor could most likely be one concerned with the color of the walls. Using a vibrant tone like royal blue can be a little too much. So a more subtle approach could be to keep everything else simple and use other means as accents.

The second bedroom decors we’re discussing focused on simplicity. The bed is the centerpiece of the room, surrounded by navy blue comforters and chic white breeches. The room also shows the use of a teak wood headboard with an elegant finish.

Sometimes the color palette is not even coherent. The décor is eclectic. For example, this element could be a suitable option to use in combination with other accent colors such as for example red. It’s an unusual color for a bedroom. It could be a quirky touch for a bedroom and it could revive an old décor into a modern and fresh décor.

The serenity of the bedroom’s décor is only interrupted by accent lighting and decorative details. In this case, the decorative pillows are a great way of creating a pleasant balance throughout the room.

The amount of accent lighting in a bedroom can vary. Each color and each pattern has its charm but doesn’t strike the chord of actually being eye-catching. A lot of designs we find interesting would complete a classical or a minimalist bedroom.

Every room needs a focal point and the design concept at the base of a room can be one of matching the size of the walls, choosing one of the most vibrant colors for the baby shower, integrating a comfortable blanket by the tub or picking a bright color for the bed.

We mentioned accent lights so far and this is another example of how you can make a bedroom stand out, this time with a bold but interesting color such a pastel blue or turquoise. You almost forget that this is there but it’s so beautiful how about adding something more to the room than just these little things.

A splash of vibrant color can be the perfect element to invite the kids outdoors. It’s a wonderful idea for play areas but it can also work well in kids’ bedrooms where the atmosphere is super warm and welcoming. What’s also great about this room is how airy it seems and everything you touch is exquisite.

As small as these nursery rooms can be, they still manage to be well-balanced, making these nursery rooms into delightful spaces. A kid’s room is better off for such a combo than a nursery where everything needs to be the same. The zen room is a lovely idea.

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