Cube Wall Shelves Ikea Collection By Jturkkonen

Those carpenters in the past was a symbol of the romantic and ancient Greek tradition brought by the centuries. Nowadays it became a common element amongst students, teachers or workers. Kids have also developed a great artistic and sensuous way of learning things. It is still a necessary and fun activity. Considering all these aspects, it is a great idea to come across in the kitchen a set of kitchen wall shelves called ikea collection by Jaluiz Design.

The shelves are made of wood, but the color of the wood is vivid and vivid. Crafted by “kemaijin_oma”, the shelves look great. These shelves are made for exterior use and you can have them for $99, but not only. For an affordable prices, you can also buy one such shelf, made of wood, online for $80, e.d.

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