Colorful Apartment Interior Design

This eclectic mix of colors and shapes makes a very attractive interior. The living room has vibrant colors, most of them in bold shades, in contrast with the more sober tones that characterize the rest of the living area. This is probably the best choice if you want to have a quiet place where you can feel calm and where you can relax while watching TV.

Besides the colorful paintings, the place where the colors come from are the coffee table and the art books. The white flowers veneer table and some floor and wall paintings make the atmosphere inviting and soothing. Also the color from the book collection is beautiful and not too strong, but seems rather soft and calm. Near the floor there are also some floor pillows which make the reading of stories or art exhibitions more pleasant.

Colorful Apartment Interior Design Photo 2

The bedroom is also colorful and modern. The white and blue combination is very nice. The lamps hanging from the ceiling seem more than usual and they create a nice shadow effect, making the rooms seem more spacious. The color contrast is very nice. Each and every piece of furniture, every decorative element under the furniture was carefully chosen.{found on diy secrets}.

Colorful Apartment Interior Design Photo 3

Colorful Apartment Interior Design Photo 4

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