Watergarden Design Ideas Using Fall And Winter Palettes

Autumn and winter are the seasons that both us and nature lover, whenever they are needed. Both concepts are forming elements of the great landscape of the Americans where both concepts coexist. The autumnal colors found in the Northern part of the world make us seek and sink deep into deep settings where nature takes over our spaces. The Orient takes its inspiration from its climate and vegetation barriers. People search for placements in paradise for days and nights and days become intense colors like in the hypnotizing colors found in the winter in the hot sun. Architecture, interior design, landscape design and landscaping all become elements of the architecture of the houses in the houses.

The house had continuously its harmony and maintained its unity as a simple block monolithic inside, through the use of a black steel framework covering the front and rear facade.

The idea was to build a house which made use of elements of design, use of natural materials and balance of various levels. Some items warm our skin: we may find in the stone fireplace, the photos that show trompe l’oeil plant, wood bar stools, the fountains that bring the spirit of the spring and the sculpture of the white board swimming pool. The exterior stone of the pool is reflected in the waterfall waterfall.

Watergarden Design Ideas Using Fall And Winter Palettes Photo 3

In the rear garden, the swimming pool keeps us company all the year round. All shades of the natural color of the wood are visible in its mosaic anodized aluminum, which can be had in the bathrooms and kitchen.

The choice of a material in contrast to the exterior stone of the swimming pool was made in order to let the light seep into the wood bar stools. These stools have gained priority above all else. The golden transparent acrylic mosaic anodized aluminum covers all four sides and blurs the limit between the exterior and the interior, creating a prism with two distinct effects: on the right side the glass covered patio contains a balcony overlooking the city and on the left a micro-exterior amphitheater.”

Photos by: Mario Wibowo & courtesy of DP+HS Architects.

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