Unique Fire Pit Design From Ottaelem Tack Pens & Teblos By Raed Abiel

Following the creation of the Intimate Fireplace project by Raed Abiel, an innovative designer brings the properties of fire to a whole new setting: the fire pit. Ottaelem Tack designed this unique basin out of ceramic with thermoformed organic glass and porcelain flamed to create these memorable settings. The steel sheets of the fire pit are available in the full range of fabrics available. By creating these fun intimate settings the designers managed to create a glowing fire that envelopes you in a sense. You can accessorize it with lanterns, beautiful candles, and quality Ipe pavement making it a part of your next festive event. You can also choose from a range of unsightly or very functional fire pits. You do not need to worry about the clients, this fire is an ideal solution for outdoor entertaining.

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