Toile Dinnerware Collection

Our dinnerware collection included a variety of unusual and wonderful creations, choosing a range of patterns, textures and colors in order to achieve the high quality and quality of the products. Not only the items have names such as “Never Say Never” or “Never After”, but they are also beautiful and very simple.

The collection features a series of delicate and chic dinnerware made of crated, which is a nonporous and nonporous type of clay. Also, in order to be able to distinguish between the different flavors, the pieces have a wavy appearance. This characteristic is not very noticeable because the collection is very simple. The name is quite appropriate and correctly named. Porcelain decorations in general do not exceed the luxury level required for the purpose or the intended use.

Toile Dinnerware Collection Photo 4

The collection was created and hand-chic but still allows you to maintain a high standard of quality and to create a very comfortable and cozy atmosphere. The delicate design and high quality made the items from the most carefully chosen materials. If we take a closer look at it, the items from the Zarini collection may present you a beautiful wood dinner table, a nice wood parquet, a nicely polished satin lacquered wood base, a perfectly halbered stave and a perfectly cut block for the dining table.

In terms of techniques and colors, the ceramic items feature hand-crafted detailing. All these ceramic creations feature natural clay that comes in a large variety of colors. The collection also includes an elegant ceramic vase, a vase with a lacquered finish and a glass table with modern chrome supports. The floral arrangements surround the dinner table and you can mix and match these tables and the vibrant ceramic flowers that fill the airy space. This is an impressive collection that celebrates design and beauty.The price it’s available on request.

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