Tiki Bar Designs & Supplies

Bar sinks used to be very popular a few years ago now here are definitely going to be making a comeback this time. Some people even revived the designs some two or three bar stools are even revived, like these beautiful tiki bars. The tiki bar is a perfect item to use in the kitchen where it can serve as a centerpiece or even as a decorative object.

Tiki bars don’t have to be expensive and they can be made of all sorts of materials, including tree stumps, branches, metal sheets and all sorts of tools. You can also make this item yourself and you could use all sorts of materials even for such a project. For example, materials and techniques were also used when creating the table.

Here’s a somewhat similar design, but featuring more modern materials and this time the tiki bar. It’s a very nice piece that can also be very useful in the kitchen, used in areas such as breakfast nooks. It’s made using Tiki barbeques and it has a very beautiful bronze finish. The tiki bar could be used either to accessorize the table or to make a matching serving tray. You can buy the table now for $229.

The Tiki bar is made of split solid hardwoods with oak tops, supported by six strengthened, anthropomorphic barbeque legs that hold a log. This beautiful piece measures 24’’W | 12’’H | 40-36’’D. each piece can hold up to 220 lbs. the bottles are made from reclaimed glass from a project for wine cellar where you can basically use any type of glass you want.

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