Staircase Models Suit A Cottage Interior

The cottage interior is a building evoking a dramatic sense of simplicity. With that in mind, we present you the cottage series designed by Zoran Bodrozic which looks very much like a traditional type of building. The style seems to be Scandinavian house. The style that we’re going to present to you today is the “branch” type, where two or more separate structures can be combined to form a single home.

The unmistakable simplicity that characterizes this type character is something that makes it great when you want the emphasis to be on the exterior and not on the interior. But the interior doesn’t need to look perfect in order to transmit this style. It’s why in is a space-efficient and most definitely pleasant to live in. The cottage series was designed by Zoran Bodrozic and it focuses on simplicity, practicality, comfort, energy-saving features and good taste.

Let’s enter the cottage and find a pleasant space for the relaxation and peaceful activities. As usually, the bathroom is not as simple and as austere as the rest of the rooms. This one, for example, is not too different from any of them. The freestanding tub is very simple but also very relaxing.

The washbasins are the most eye-catching elements of this series. Designed by Eric Degenhardt, the washbasins are made of concrete and wood. The glass panels are frameless and somehow they have a delicate and mysterious look. Glass in general is considered to be a piece of nature so this makes it very special.

And if a tub isn’t the most inviting and cozy of the whole series, perhaps in combination with a lovely chandelier and ornaments we’ll see how well it can coordinate with sofas and footstools in a living room.

The fresh and tropical colors in this living room are great because they’re actually quite soothing and relaxing. The simplicity of the design however is not the only reason why this is a great source of inspiration. The chandelier is pretty special, featuring a light base made of rocks which don’t actually obstruct the views in any way.

The tub is the focal point of this bathroom. Its sculptural and daring design stands out and manages to remain simple so as not to overwhelm the room with color or any other decorative detail. The window is one of the stars.

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