Square For Windows Designed By Toms Kokins

This is the Loravita penthouse located in Lima, Peru, and it’s not the interior that is visible, but the beautiful walls that partially cover it. The walls were made in solid planks of wood that were first laser painted white. It was a deliberate move by the designers to go for the interior without making the space feel crowded. Nevertheless, the interior looks amazing!

The apartment features beautiful steps and wooden floors that extend upwards around the modern interior. It’s a very warm and cozy space with large windows on both the south and west sides of the apartment. The way it was achieved was a great way for it to be noticed and appreciated by people that have beautiful homes. The terrace is something unusual. The idea was to create an open terrace that incorporates the living room and the kitchen, and offers a view to the central courtyard.

Of course, having a glass kitchen or living room in there could look rather boring on the other hand, but in this case it was not because of the glass, because the interior features a lovely indoor-outdoor mixture of materials and styles. Moreover, a wonderful way of encouraging the inhabitants to enjoy spending time in this open terrace is to bring the outdoors in by opening the bedroom to the north and south in a most beautiful way. It’s difficult to go wrong with this.

Square For Windows Designed By Toms Kokins Photo 4

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