Simple Night Stand Simple And Attractive

The Sojian bedroom designed by MIST-Architecture may seem less simple and that because it was made primarily for the interior. The bedroom is a space where the difference is made between the interior and the exterior and vice versa. On the exterior the same as the interior, the interior is quite simple. The bed is the central piece, a structure that supports the headboard and the nightstands. If you remove the bed and the walls the whole décor would be very simple.

The Sojian bedroom designed by M topple establishes a simple décor. The white lacquered cabinets provide plenty of storage space and, even though there aren’t any drawers, there are plenty of open shelves, just in case the bed needs some adjustment. And all the strategically placed spot lights and the beautiful combinations of colors create a sophisticated effect. Sometimes beauty is blurry and beautiful is obvious when it comes to bedroom design.

And although the décor is simple and mostly centered on open and closed storage spaces, sometimes it’s just pleasant to switch up the color and see how the cabinets are white. This is a feature that can be added to spice up the design of the room, to make it feel more spacious and bright or to simply create symmetry, for example.{found on rkdesignstudio}.

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