Rustic Interior Shutters By Hem.co7 Architecten

Window treatments are not always what they are in the standard nursery and interior design. They can be used for more than just window treatments. In fact, there are a lot of interesting and creative alternative projects that use curtains. Curtains are probably the most common example. They are used as a secondary feature, somewhere to create some privacy but also as decorative detail.

Another example in this case is the bedroom of an apartment in Montreux.

Rustic Interior Shutters By Hem.co7 Architecten Photo 2

The curtains are part of the shutters that form a sort of protective screen for the windows. But even though the presence of the screen is usually limited it actually seems to be very eye-catching and contributes to create a very cozy and inviting atmosphere. The chamfered curtains even contribute to this overall décor. However, the overall look is elegant and modest.

In the dining room, the rustic curtains could be used to create an elegant and modest atmosphere. In this case, the curtains provide privacy and they actually serve a very useful purpose. The only tricky thing is to attach the curtains to the wall. The only tricky part will be to paint them and to make sure the lines are clean and clean.{found on ikeahakers}.

In the bedroom, the rustic curtain can be used as a nightstand or simply as an extra surface for the footrest or to cover a platform used by the bed. In any case, the supplies needed for this project include bolts, a 90 degree elbow hanger and wood glue.{found on housebyhoff}.

The curtains are actually hangers used to form some sort of storage system for the mattress or in this case to hide the cables. These particular hangers were transformed from fabric. You can find out more about this project on homejelly. The corners were left bare and they got some nice extra storage space.{found on livelovediy}.

You can use burlap cloth to make your curtains feel bohemian and cozy. You need fabric, a curtain and, of course, patterned fabric. You’ll be able to change the design of the curtains, from fabric to curtain fabric. Check out birdsparty for more details. You can make the burlap look a lot nicer and softer.

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