Rotating Lamp With Planter Built Into The Wall

It’s definitely fun to have a garden and it’s even better when there are so many interesting designs to take into consideration. It’s particularly fun to have a collection of lamps that basically reinvent the whole concept of the garden. This is a three-in-one piece. The lamp is basically a rotating planter that can be tucked inside a planter box that has a lid. You can place both inside or upside down and it can be easily moved around.

To make the lamp truly shine like it does when turned on, all you have to do is move it where you like and rotate it to get the best position. It’s very useful when you’re watching movie, relaxing in a quiet corner or when you want to read a good book without being bothered by anyone but you.Inside the lamp there are 2 mirrors that complete the décor and contribute to the overall minimalist design.

The lamp doesn’t really need illuminate the living space. But just because it’s in that particular spot doesn’t mean it has no functionality. In fact, the lamp is just a visual distraction. It’s why the Oasis lamp is a delight. Its lampshade is made of water- and transparent-proof glass, thus allowing you to protect the user’s privacy while also being able to make it fit in and make it beautiful in the surroundings.

Rotating Lamp With Planter Built Into The Wall Photo 4

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